Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lizzie and Easter Hairdos

Well, some of these pictures were taken after Easter and the last one was taken Easter Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday of this week I babysat my beautiful niece Elizabeth. We are playing peek-a-boo in these photos.
She was being so cute, as always and I wanted to have something to share with my readers. SO, here they are. Lizzie and I playing peek-a-boo.
I like how in this picture she is just about to smile. If you can't tell there is a monkey on her face. *He he*
Notice how her shirt says i *heart* u in bold green letters on her onesie.
I bought her a onesie that says, I want lots of kisses. She is too big for it now. Which is good because that means that she is growing! :)
I am not sure what is happening in this picture. I think we are still playing peek-a-boo at this point but I caught her when she was almost done laughing. As you can tell I am not the worlds greatest photographer. But I like her so much that any picture of her is cute to me.
All in all, it was a day to play with Lizzie! Hooray! Everyday should be play day with Lizzie! Kerrie, I am jealous! You get to play with her EVERY day. I love you Kerrie!
Lizzie is such a beautiful girl and so much fun! Thank you for letting me play with her on Fridays! I look forward to the next play date!

I found a blog one day and on it there are different hairdos and I copied a few of them. I like fixing my hair for Sundays and special occasions. Easter was the first time I wore my hair like this, I made the hair pieces out of ribbon. They are very easy to make. You cut a short piece of ribbon and fold one side on top of the other and apply glue to the middle and back . Glue to the end of a bobby pin and apply pressure. Let the glue dry and then push the pin into the hair at the twists. I took sections of my hair and wrapped a pony tail holder around the section and then braided the pony and gathered the five sections at the top and put a holder around them all in the center and top of the crown. Then I made four more sections in the nape and two just above the nape. Then I ponied all the sections together at the back of the head. Then I took pieces of hair from the pony, curled and pinned each strand of hair that was curled. I also left some curls hanging down so that they were layered. To see where I got the idea from go to girl

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