Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haircolor/cut evening with a twist...

So yesterday my mom got the works! She asked me to color her hair so I gave her two better and added a haircut and style to the mix. Usually hair has to be dirty for an updo to look it's best, but since she has naturally curly hair and super coarse, it is easier to style just after it has been colored and cut. She was being VERY patient with me today and so I figured why not give her the works. As you can see-- this is what I came up with. The bottom is in a twist and the top is hanging out. The other side looks like I swirled the hair to make an "S" shape. (I did not take a picture of that side, but it looks like a backwards S.)
For those of you who know what her hair looks like on a typical day you will notice that I have cut a shorter layer at the top of her head. I did that because the last time I cut her hair I forgot to cut that section of hair so now it looks like it was meant to be that way. I showed her how much hair was cut and she commented to me that it was a lot. Maybe I did go a bit too short. bad. Oh well, the good thing about hair is that it grows back. :0)

P.S. Mom, if you are reading this...don't be mad. :)

P.P.S. The rose was left over from the arrangements from Carlyn's reception. It was the last one to look decent after 5 days! Pretty good for five days and a ROSE. I gave the rose to my mom when I took it out of her hair and it is sitting in a glass full of water.


Dial Family said...

Tress!! Your back to blogging, SO GLAD!! Haven't checked blogs for a bit myself but it's good to catch up and see your on again!! When're you comin out to see Aaron again? Was sad you didn't come out with your parents and my mom. You better come NEXT TIME MISSY!! We're coming out the beginning of June for JOrdan's graduation. You, Ash and I need to get together!! MOVIE NIGHT!! GAME NIGHT!! WHATEVER!! BREAK!! I'll letcha know!!

Heidi said...

I wish you could do my hair. Nothing makes me feel more fancy than sporting an updo!