Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eternal Cupcakes

I just love cupcakes and the joy that comes from eating them. This day was a very special day not only for my family but for me as well. It was at this time that I realized that if I were to ever have joy in my life I must go to the place where we are closest to God. The temple is my favorite place on the earth. Even though most recently I went to the church to clean it and I found myself in the bathroom again. It always seems that if there are some cleaning that needs to be done, the place where I feel the most comfortable is in the bathroom. All my life I have found myself in the bathroom. Wow I am really getting off subject here. Anyway, my point is that this time I found peace in this little church building cleaning bathrooms. Service has always been a challenge for me but this time I felt happy. Last time I cleaned the church I was by myself and I felt the spirit there. I always seem to find myself most happiest when I am serving the Lord. And it's like eating a cupcake. Only when we eat a cupcake we feel temporary happiness and when we are in the temple or a dedicated church building we feel lasting joy. Eternal happiness can be felt in the temple and I feel it every time I attend. Getting back to my topic. This day I ate several of those yummy cupcakes and I went to the temple. You can't get any happier then that, in my oppinion.
Family is another Eternal Cupcake. My family is so good to me. My sister is a rock. She is my example. I love her to pieces. She can always make me feel better. These last few weeks have been a joy to me as I have spent time with her and her two cute little angels. Both of which I love with all my heart. I was looking at pictures today of little Kayllen. Brooklyn too. I laughed today as I looked at those little angels. I really do care for them. Being an aunt is so much fun. They are my Eternal Cupcakes. The icing on the cake is their laughs. The laughs are so sweet and innocent. Some times I imagine what my kids would be like. How much joy I would feel. Someday I hope to have Eternal Cupcakes of my own. Eternal Cupcakes are the things in our lives that bring us the most joy and it is through this joy that we obtain all we desire. I hope and pray that one day I will look back on my life and smile because I have everything I've ever wanted. I pray that my Heavenly Father will show us all how much he loves us and how much he wants us to be happy like he is. He wants us to be happy and every day he waits for us to call upon Him and to talk to Him. He is waiting to share that abundance. Every minute of ever day He waits and it is through our Savior Jesus Christ that He first showed us how much He wants us to return back to Him above. I hope and pray that we will all come to Him in mighty prayer and supplication. I know that He lives that he loves us and that we can be eternally happy if we do our part. By sharing the truth we know and living it every day of our lives; enduring to the end peacefully.


Tiffany A. said...

Hey Tressie! This is Tiffany Astle, I've got a blog too. It is
I'll add your page link to my friends list on my page as soon as I can. Our internet at home isn't working right now, so I'm at my parents and for some reason their computer won't let me make any changes to my blog. Soooo frusterating!
Anway, I liked your blog post! Talk with you soon!

kaysi van dyke said...

tresssie, i found you on tiffanys site!! :) you will have to add me to!! i miss you my dear!!! how are you doing??? how is your family??? xoxoxoxo

Brigette-boo said...

Today I was excited when I found out you had a blog to! I love what you wrote here. It made me smile to think about eternal cup cakes. I am so glad to know you and what an amazing person you are! keep smiling!

Kim Tafua said...

How cute are you? I'm totally down with the cup cake thing! Donuts too. I found your blog through Brigette. I've got one too. I'll have to teach you how to get pictures and stuff. I miss Nursery. Don't be a stranger.

lejenkins said...

(lejenkins=Lisa :)

sometime soon I hope to get a blog on here, but anyways--I wanted to say i know we never really got to know each other, but I remember hanging out just a smidge before I left. it was cool.

I've always retreated/found myself in the bathrooms, too. Something about them--probably only people who feel the same way understand lol.

It's been a while since I've been to the temple. Your post made me miss it just a bit more. Probably good.

Dial Family said...

You are so cute Tress. I found your blog on Bridgette Heller's Blog. I like this so much more. YOu are so honest and I just love that most about you. I love your "eternal Cupcake" blog. I love the temple too. I could stay there all day, except I find myself starting to think about the kids and dinner and etc... It is sometimes so hard to focus on what and why I go. Thanks for the reminder. I too have a hard time with service. Not that I don't want to serve, I just don't THINK I have the time. Love you,

Heidi said...

Hey Tressie! I found you through BJ. Isn't it a small Blog-World? Anyway, I'm glad you're doing good. I'll check in on you later.